Media praise for Perl in a Nutshell

"This book will be the one I keep close at hand when working with Perl and deservers its location on my desktop instead of in the library. "Perl in a Nutshell" is highly recommended for Perl programmers from basic to advanced level."
--Harold McFarland, Midwest Book Review, June 2004

"The book is a wealth of information covering modules, functions, mod_perl, and CGI. There is even a good listing of functions/modules available for the Windows version of Perl. Keep this book at your fingertips for those 'how do I do this in perl?' times of need."
--Sean Hogston, Carolina BSD User Group, July 2003

"Anyone who is serious about using Perl, or simply wants a quick way to find what function they need to use, will likely spend most of their life with this book sitting on their desk next to them."--Dave Coulson, Linux Format, Dec 15, 2002

"Overall, the book is excellent for two types of people: those who already have a basic knowledge of Perl (possibly with some knowledge of structured programming), and people with an intermediate knowledge of Perl...This book provides most of what you will need to know on a day-to-day basis without getting bogged down in minutiae like so many other technical books seem to do...Excellent overview of the language, excellent index, sufficient depth of coverage to provide resources for more information on subjects that aren't covered. Very useful information on parts of Perl that are often overlooked and how to use them. 'Perl in a Nutshell' offers a valuable guide to the Perl language in an easy to access format."
--Greg Leffler, CompuNotes, Oct 2002

"What can I say? This is a nutshell book, and thus the quality is excellent. Being a regular user of the 1st edition of Perl in a Nutshell (does that say more about the book or my perl programming I wonder..) I fully expected this to be as good if not better. I was not disappointed...I suspect that whatever your reason for getting this book, it would soon prove its usefulness."--Kevin Taylor, Northants Linux Users Group, June 2002

Second only to Wall, Christiansen, and Orwant's 'Programming Perl' in the hearts of Perl hackers."--Rick Wayne, Software Development, September 2002