Media praise for MySQL Reference Manual

"The book is primarily a helpful companion for those who are doing development work with MySQL. For those out there who are database programmers, it is likely to become a welcome addition to your bookshelf and if nothing else it might impress someone by its girth!"
--Paul Schneider, Compunotes

"Essential reading for MySQL developers and users."--Nick Veitch, Linux Format, Dec 2002

"It's hard to write a review of a book that has everything. No, I mean everything. It's all there. O'Reilly's 'MySQL Reference Manual: Documentation from the Source' is the print version of the online MySQL manual...Thus in one sense it doesn't fill any gap in MySQL documentation, but it fills a glaring omission in the realm printed documentation. For a long time New Riders' 'MySQL' by Paul DuBois was the standard text. That was followed by many MySQL instruction books of the 'Teach Yourself'-style genre. But the O'Reilly book is the first definitive reference...The one thing that makes this book indispensible to anyone who uses MySQL is its amazing thoroughness. The book seems to have arcane details about every aspect of MySQL. The range of topics covered makes it something that will prove useful throughout the reader's experiences with MySQL...if you use MySQL day to day, and you like to have that reference manual laying open on the desk to just the right page, you can't do without 'MySQL Reference Manual.'"
--Owen Leonard, Southeast Ohio Macromedia User Group, Oct 200

"The official manual. The true reference. Finally. This excellent reference is never more than a few feet away from my workstation now...Rating: 10/10-an excellent reference, now available in paperback."
--Jayce, PLUG, Sept 20, 2002

"To get up to speed, I recommend starting, as ever, with the manuals from O'Reilly & Associates (specifically, 'Managing and Using MySQL' and 'MySQL Reference Manual'). You may be surprised by the richness of what you find."
--Andrew Binstock, Software Development Times, Nov 2002