Media praise for Running Linux

"A classic guide upgrades to stay current and reflect changes without sacrificing its accessibility and mastery...the content is excellent for beginners and for those who have been at Linux for a while...Running Linux really is one of the ultimate Linux manuals."--Russell J.T. Dyer, Linux Journal, February 2003

"Now in its fourth edition, O'Reilly's Running Linux has established itself as a classic since first publication in 1995...This is an essential resource for any serious user of Linux, and should be among the resources of anyone running a help desk or teaching others how to install and use Linux."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," May 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"indispensible if you are just getting started."
--Charles Stross, Computer Shopper, Nov 2002

"This 730 page manual does an excellent job of making the rather complex world of Linux very understandable for an average user...the writing style is very conversational, making you feel as though you have a friend at your side guiding you through each step. 4 stars!"
--Mary Ann Panevska, Southeastern Wisconsin Windows User Group, August 2002

" 'excellent' "
--New Zealand PC World, Jan 2002

"While this book is written in a style that can be easily, and enjoyably, read from cover to cover, it also serves as a desktop reference. Whether you are using Linux on a home workstation or maintaining a network server, Running Linux provides an excellent resource that can be dipped into for expert advice just when you need it. No matter your level of experience, it deserves to be on your bookshelf."
--First Monday, June 2001

"The best distribution agnostic title is Matt Welch's readable Running Linux which every Linux user should own." --Steve Patient,

"Running Linux, by Matt Welsh and Lar Kaufman, is a gentle welcome to Linux that shows you around, points out some places where you may want to spend some time, and tells you where to find good detailed guides. Over time, Running Linux has become my first choice for broad questions. (Linux in a Nutshell is my choice for details like utility program options.)"
--Jeff Taylor, Dr Dobbs Electronic Review of Computer Books April 2001

"Amazon Best of 2000: Computer Networking"

"For beginners the best choice is the classic "Running Linux". There are other good starting guides, but this one does the best job of capturing the spirit of Linux while providing essential guidance."
--Gene Wilburn, Computer Paper, December 2000

"widely accepted as the book on Linux for the new generation-it has achieved international acclaim and survived the battering of the flame wars, which is saying something! It's an easy book to read that takes you through just about everything you need to know to get a broad overview of what Linux is and how it works."
--Rob Fenwick, PC Answers, Dec 2000

First Place, Linux Magazine's Editor's Choice Awards, 2000

"If you're a user that's fairly new to Linux, this book will help you get up to speed quickly. If you're a die-hard Linux fanatic, you'll love this book as a reference for those long nights when you can't quite remember the syntax to a command you last used five years ago. Buy it, read it, but be careful about loaning it out! My copy disappeared for a month."
--Linux Magazine, Dec 2000

"A good core for configuring and running a Linux system."
--Dr. John Joyce, Scientific Computing, Oct 2000

First place in the Linux Book category of the Linux Magazine Editor's Choice awards - September, 2000

"Back this book up with a good command reference (Linux in a Nutshell is solid), and you'll be well on your way to Linux mastery. "
--David Wall,

"You can't go wrong with this book. Whether you're a novice, or like me, have been kicking around in the Linux pool for awhile, you will find yourself referring to a passage or two on occasion for advice or just to refresh your memory on a solution to a tricky problem."
--SLUG reviews, May 2000

"This is the third edition of a deservedly popular book. It is as comprehensive a guide on the subject a you can expect to find. . .if you are looking for a comprehensive guide to setting up, running and maintaining a Linux-based system, it is hard to go wrong with this book. It will get the beginning user on the road to becoming a power Linux user and includes information that will prove useful long after system setup and configuration."
--Keith Schengili-Roberts, Computer Paper, April 2000

"I recommend the superb Running Linux, 3rd Ed., by Matt Welsh, Lar Kaufman and Matthias Dalheimer (O'Reilly & Assoc., 2000). These guys understand Linux backward and forward; theirs is one of many Linux titles but by far the best of them. I've done three Linux installations now, and I wouldn't have wanted to be without this book for any of them."
--Paul Gilster, Raleigh News Observer, April 17, 2000