Media praise for IP Routing

"One of the book’s strongest points in my opinion is in its writing style, and attention to detail. The author has done an excellent job of using visual cues such as diagrams, and showing a good amount of command line usage to help reinforce the subject matter. Further more the command line usage examples are geared towards Cisco router products, which makes perfect sense to me, as they are the de-facto leader in routers worldwide. This gives the reader some concrete examples which they can use, and or experiment with. Included also in the book are some actual examples of the routing packet itself showing the internal fields. This greatly helps the reader to visualize what the packet itself looks like...Overall the book is an excellent resource for someone looking to gain a deeper understanding of how routing protocols work...both Interior and Exterior routing protocols are covered. This gives the book a more balanced approached to this topic...This book gets an SFDC 8/10 from me", October 2003

"A useful book for those in the networking field or those wishing to migrate between protocols."
--Raza Rizvi, News@UKUUG, October 2002

"a straight-forward, jargon free introduction...readers will master not only the fundamentals of all major routing protocols, but also the principals on which the protocols are based."
--Communications News, June 2002