Media praise for Mastering Regular Expressions

"A real tour-de-force of a book which not only covers the mechanics of regexes in extroadiary detail but also talks about efficiency and the use of regexes in Perl, Java, and .NET. . .If you use regular expressions as part of your professional work (even if you already have a good book on whatever language you're programming in) I would strongly recommend this book to you."
--Dr. Chris Brown, "Linux Format," November 2003

"The author does an outstanding job leading the reader from regex novice to master. The book is extremely easy to read and chock full of useful and relevant examples...Regular expressions are valuable tools that every developer should have in their toolbox. 'Mastering Regular Expressions' is the definitive guide to the subject, and an outstanding resource that belongs on every programmer's bookshelf. Ten out of Ten Horseshoes."
--Jason Menard,, March 2003

"An excellent guide to using regular expressions, not only for .Net, but also in Java and Perl...this a valuable book for anyone who needs to master regular expressions."
--Huw Collingbourne, PC Plus, March 2003

"If you use tools like grep, perl, and procmail in your daily life, this book is a good investment both in the money spent and the time working your way through it."
--Jim Secan, The Journal of the Tucson Computer Society, January 2003

"The book is a model of clarity."--PC Plus, February 2003

"For those interested in learning more about regular expressions, I encourage you to obtain a copy of Jeffrey E. F. Friedl's excellent book 'Mastering Regular Expressions.'"
--John Joyce, Scientific & Computing Instrumentation, June 2003

"Friedl, in his 'Mastering Regular Expressions,' takes the reader through an amazing regex journey, probing every nook and cranny, and turning over every rock. I am sure that even the most experienced user of regular expressions will find something new, or a different, or more efficient, solution."--Major Kearny, PC Update, December 2002

"This is an excellent book. If you are at all serious about regular expressions, it is well worth reading. The author really knows his subject and presents what could have been quite a dry subject in a very readable way."
--Kevin Taylor, Northants Linux Users Group, August 2002

"I bought 'Mastering Regular Expressions' for the first time in 1998. I had found it invaluable for learning and using regular expressions (regex) for what I was doing. I considered it to be a classic, and essential to my geek book collection. Imagine my pleasure, then, at finding out that there was now a second edition! I got hold of a copy, and started flipping through it (I seldom read geek books cover to cover - they're references, IMO, not novels). Mind you, this thing is twice the size of the previous version. After I had familiarized myself with its content and structure, it went onto my tool-book shelf right next to the earlier version. Anyone whose programming efforts involve the use of regex will find this book useful, even essential...A 'gotta have' book if you do any heavy regex work, especially in the newer languages or language versions. It is fat, meaty, and was written by a person who uses regex daily in his work"
--Linda Laubenheimer,, October 2002

Reviews From Previous Edition
"I've seen the light. Regular expressions always seemed an arcane art to me. I needed to use them in some of my programs--and I wanted to use them for sophisticated text searching--but it was always a struggle and the results were often less than perfect. That was before I read 'Mastering Regular Expressions' by Jeffrey Friedl. This friendly, clear, and useful book lives up to its name. In gradual, easy steps, Jeffrey takes you from beginner to master, and you'll have fun getting there?it may seem to some that mastering regular expressions is something like earning juggling, a skill of limited usefulness. But once you've got this tool under your belt, you'll find uses for it all the time. There's no better way to learn how to use regular expressions than with Jeffrey Friedl's fine book."
--Leo LaPorte, TechTV, July 16, 2002

"It's a definitive reference on the subject and a must-have for serious programmers."--Netsurfer Digest, July 26, 2002

"In 'Mastering Regular Expressions,' Jeffrey Friedal, takes the reader through an amazing regex journey, probing every nook and cranny, and turning over every rock. I am sure that even the most experienced user of regular expressions will find some new or different--and more efficient--solutions."
--Major Keary, Book News, June 2002

"If you have ever used a regular expression or ever wanted to use one, this is the book for you! I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone."
--James Lance, Provo Linux User Group, May 2002

"Let me first recommend Jeffrey Friedel's amazing Mastering Regular Expressions. (O'Reilly). This book contains everything you need to know bout the mysterious regex."
--David Weller, Java Developers Journal Jan 2002

"Jeffrey Freidl's book is not a dummies guide; it demands concentration, but it is a good read in its own right. Even though it is intended for programmers working with regex-supported languages and programming environments, it is a valuable resource for informed lay-readers who would like to explore this fascinating field. As the only reference to the art, it should be on the bookshelf of every programmer and anyone who works with large text files."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2002 No 5

"There's no better resource than Jeffrey Friedl's Mastering Regular Expressions-a great source of sample expressions and detailed explanations of how regular expressions work their magic."
--Jason Snell, MacWorld

"This book is important because regex is so intimidating, and Friedl make it much easier to understand. Many programmers don't use the regex available in their development tools. Chances are, regex will save you a lot of time when you find yourself stuck with a pile of someone else's source code that you need to maintain. If you're just getting started with regex, this book will save you a lot of time (and grief). If you are already using regex, you will extend your ability and understanding."
--Dr. Dobbs Journal

"Mastering Regular Expressions is a superior book. Author Jeffrey Friedl has produces a current, well-written, precise addition to the O'Reilly repertoire, with a volume completely devoted to text and data manipulation. It provides the perfect complement to CGI and Delphi programs and their accompanying texts.... I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone involved with regular expression manipulation."
--Sys Admin Magazine

"A stupendous tour de force of all aspects of pattern matching. With an impeccable eye to the tiniest significant detail, the author covers topics ranging from the subtle differences among NFA, DFA, and POSIX NFA matching behaviors to the practical distinctions of how varying versions of grep, sed, awk, emacs, tcl, python, and perl behave. The author at all times connects theory to practical application of this knowledge in daily programming."
--Tom Christiansen