Media praise for High Performance MySQL

"If you have a site (or sites) that require tuning, or just want to make sure that your database development practices won’t cause you growing pains down the road, this book is a necessity. Jeremy and Derek bring a tremendous wealth of knowledge together for a very concise, easy read that provides immediate benefits."
--Mitchell Pirtle, International PHP Magazine, February 2005

"I was somewhat anxious to crack open a copy of the book High Performance MySQL published by O'Reilly and written by Jeremy [Zawodny] and Derek J. Balling. With such high expectations, it would be easy to be disappointed with the content or level of the material in the book. Far from disappointing, High Performance MySQL was exactly what I had hoped it would be and more...I believe High Performance MySQL is an excellent choice for the MySQL administrator or developer not only looking to improve their database performance but also to improve his knowledge of MySQL."
Rating: Excellent
--Steve Suehring,, October 2004

"While there may be good books on MySQL development, it's nice to have a well-written book on MySQL administration. Zawodny and Balling certainly have the experience in this topic and in writing. It's definitely a book worth buying, and it's especially one that a MySQL administrator will find worth reading carefully and thoroughly. It's an excellent book for increasing your proficiency in MySQL."
--Russell Dyer,, July 2004

"If you need performance, reliability and security beyond the standard configuration and need to maximize throughput, this is the book you will want to have at hand. 'High Performance MySQL' is one of the best optimization and performance books available for the intermediate to advanced user of MySQL--very highly recommended."
--Harold McFarland, Midwest Book Review, July 2004

"'High Performance MySQL' is packed full of information and strategies that can take almost any site's MySQL installation to new levels of usefulness... Experienced web developers and MySQL administrators will find High Performance MySQL to provide them with some very good strategies."
--Jeremy Rogers,, June 2004

"There are very few tech books I can read from cover to cover but this is one of them...Replication, load balancing, backup and a few other things. The type of things this book was written for. We have another HP UX machine sitting in the datacenter, unused. Perfect for experimenting. If you're someone like me, who uses MySQL and knows enough to make things work but wants to take it to the next level, this is the book to read."
--A Day Late, April 2004