Media praise for VB.NET Language in a Nutshell

"These two books are becoming the 'must have' references of VB.NET in the same way that the reverently regarded Win32 API Guide by Dan Appleman was for pre-.NET VB. The included CD-ROM's are much more than just source code. They're the ultimate references and integrate smoothly and completely with Visual Studio's IDE. That means Dynamic Reference, Index, Content--all the Help tools you get with Visual Studio--are simply extended with these extraordinarily complete references. With these books, O'Reilly is taking the 'high road' of adding more value and including more content for your book buying dollar."
--Dan Mabbut, Visual Basic Guide, Dec 2002

"It not only conforms to the released version of Visual Basic .NET, it now adds reference material from the CD-ROM directly into the Visual Studio .NET IDE. That makes the material available for use in dynamic help, as well as for browsing and searching. One glance makes it clear how valuable this is, and I think other .NET reference books would do well to pick up on the idea."
--Martin Heller, June 2002

Reviews From Previous Edition

"'VB.NET Language in a Nutshell' is described by O'Reilly as a 'Desktop Quick Reference,' and it lives true to its billing...It seems that when you need help and you go to the Visual Studio.NET help files there is never an example for the method your looking for, this book helps clear up that oversight and gives you valid examples for each method along with an easy to understand description of what the method is and how to call it...If you're looking for a book that will get plenty of use then I would recommend this one, it comes in handy for every level of programmer, and you're bound to reference it many times."
--, March 2002

"a good basic guide to does lay out the bones of VB and .Net concisely and clearly."
--Dermot Hogan, PC Plus, Feb 2002