Media praise for Computer Science & Perl Programming

"I think all three would be a marvelous addition to any decent tech library - they seem perfect for a library as they have all the benefits of a five year collection of TPJ without the problems of magazine storage, cataloging and conservation."
--Tony Williams, Slashdot, January 2004

"All in all, a great read and a great reference to keep around. I would definitely advise anyone interested in Perl to pick up this set; you won't regret it."
-- IEEE and ACM Clubs at Colorado Technical University, May 2004

"The Perl community is amazing and some of its most eloquent voices wrote articles for this book. Reading their articles helps one see that Perl can be much more than a tool for simple shell scripts."
--Provo Linux Users Group, April 2004

"The writing in the book is simply good; clear, accurate, intellectually coherent, and warm without being too cute. More than that, it's important--if you work with Perl, each of these articles illuminates at least one of the ideas you're likely to need in your own programming."
--Cameron Laird,, February 2003

"The Bottom Line: These are the best Perl articles ever written...they cover almost everything you'll need to know about Perl...This book is a gem, and you won't want to miss it."
--Emmie Lewis,, January 2003

"This is a great source of interesting stuff. Just browsing the contents and seeing the list of topics covered is quite amazing...this is all quality stuff. There is a very good mix of articles, with quite am impressive line up of authors. I would say that there is something for everyone here."
--Kevin Taylor, Northants Linux Users Group, January 6, 2003

"The Perl Journal was the authorative and timely source of accurate Perl information, covering every subject under the sun and then some. This collection of updated articles is a welcome addition to my bookshelf."
--Hildo Biersma, Dec 2002