Media praise for C# Essentials

"Oh, boy am I happy that I read this book. This book did what I needed and gives a detailed look at the C# language. 'C# Essentials' is like reading and ABC book on the C# programming language. After reading this book not only can you write your own C# programs but, you can really understand why the program does what it does and this is a very important aspect in programming. If you want to get a good start and keep a strong reference guide to C# then look no further than 'C# Essentials.'"
--Robert Harmon, .NET User Group of Greater Boston, 10/19/2002

"Need to get up to speed with C#? This book will help you accomplish that in a weekend. No beating around the bush, Ben, Peter, and Brad take you through the language details in a quick orderly fashion. When O'Reilly says it's compact and terse, they mean it."
--spudman, Boise Software Developers Group, Feb 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"Curious about C#? Ready to start programming .NET? In less than 200 pages, 'Essential C#' gives you the heart of the language and the key techniques that make it unique."
--Bill Camarda, Barnes &

"It contains lots of useful information. The writing is clear and concise, and the material is well organized. If you?re starting to program in C#, this is a good book to have handy."--Richard Mateosian, IEEE, July-August 2002

"'C# Essentials' is perhaps the best, most compact introduction to the C# language that you can find."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, March 2002