Media praise for Designing Embedded Hardware

"'Designing Embedded Hardware' offers a vast amount of technical knowledge on how the machines we program work and why they are designed this excellent primer for seasoned software engineers who want to learn more about computers, processor architecture, and peripherals. I hardly need to say at this point that I highly recommend it for hardware design rookies."
--Danny Kalev, IBM developerWorks, May 22, 2003

"In a much more efficient, practical, and accessible way than the typical textbooks, this book begins by outlining the basic principles of electronics and computer architecture. By page 77, you're ready to start applying those principles...For too long, hardware design has been a black art. Or maybe just the dearth of good books has made it seem so. I hope John Catsoulis' new book will be as successful in the market as it's been sin showing me how to design hardware. I can't wait to put my new knowledge into practice."
--Michael Barr, "Embedded Systems Programming," April 2003