Media praise for XSLT Cookbook

"O'Reilly books have a reputation among information technology professionals as being thorough, rich in information, and well worth their cost. Sal Mangano's 'XSLT Cookbook' certainly meets all these criteria. Through the extensive use of real-life examples, Mangano has written a book that is essential reading for anyone using ZSLT of anyone who wants to learn more about doing so."
--David Owens, Technical Communication, May 2004 (Vol. 51:2)

"I was very impressed by the amount of time and thought that was put into the creation of many of these recipes—not only are many of them really, really hard to do, but they’re also things I’ve seen a real need for in the real world. XSLT programmers, do yourself a favor and take a look through this book before you hurt your brain with your next assignment."
--Mike George, Salt Lake City ColdFusion Users Group, January 2004

"Good stuff in every chapter I have read! This is a book that most, if not all, XSLT developers should have. For beginners it provides concrete examples of how to use XSLT. For more advanced developers it provides a good reference for solving that problem you are trying to solve."-- John Wetherbie,, May 2003

"I like the 'XSLT Cookbook' even more than the language that is its subject....Author Sal Mangano, an information technology consultant with Morgan Stanley, knows his stuff and passes on a wealth of it...In my own work, XSLT often still feels like a sledge hammer--a heavy weight to lift when I only need to tap in a tack...When I am working with XSLT...'XSLT Cookbook' is the book I keep closest to me. Among its other benefits, 'XSLT Cookbook' consistently gives me the impression that it's already traveled where I need to go."--Cameron Laird, UnixReview, April 2003

"An excellent practical hands-on reference for creating solutions in the XML-XSL Transformation domain...Having a copy of the 'XSLT Cookbook' during the development phase of the web site project would have reduced the time needed to craft a good sustainable solution, and reduced the amount of code I had to redesign to be modular and flexible....All in all well worth the $40.00 price of the book. Rating 4.5 out of 5."--Neeraj Tulsian, Austin XML Users Group, March 2003

"In my experience learning new technologies, I've always found it more meaningful to see examples of different problems and the solutions people used to solve them than a simple discussion. The 'XSLT Cookbook' does just this. The book lays out scenarios for using different parts of the XSLT language to transform XML documents...I find myself constantly reaching for it when I have a few minutes and want to learn a new trick."
--Wayne Graham, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, Jan 2003