Media praise for Programming ColdFusion MX

"Overall it's a solid book with deep coverage."
--Central New York ColdFusion User Group, January, 2004

"O'Reilly books are like Cadillacs of the technical publishing world: well-laid out, luxurious, and feature laden. 'Programming ColdFusion MX: Creating Dynamic Web Applications' is no different. Whether you are a novice or someone who dreams in CFSCRIPT, this piece of coding gear will be useful to you...The way to effortless ColdFusion cruising begins with this nice O'Reilly Cadillac."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, December 2003

"This is definitely a must have book for anyone developing CF apps!"
--Wayne Graham, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, September 2003

"'Programming ColdFusion MX' is my reference book of choice when I'm doing MX development. The first edition was always on my desk--it's usefulness ensured it never made it to the bookshelf. The second edition (covering MX 6.1) looks to be even better, including new chapters on CFCs, Flash Remoting, and Web Services...This book is a narrative reference that is as easy to skim as it is to read. newbies and Certified CFMX developers will both gain equally from keeping it nearby. The second edition of the book has taken the place of the first on my desk!"
--Steve Rittler, Philadelphia Area ColdFusion Users Group, August 2003

Reviews From the Previous Edition

"'ColdFusion' is a comprehensive tutorial to ColdFusion that puts all of the material necessary to master this scripting language between two covers.", March 2002

"The material is presented in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner with an excellent balance of overview discussion, sample code, and screen shots. ColdFusion is a tag-based language and there are plenty of fine examples of how to make the most of it. An appendix also provides a reference to the entire dialect. This tutorial is a great tool for mastering ColdFusion."
--Stephen W. Plain,