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Media praise for Content Syndication with RSS

"This publication is aimed at web developers and web site authors who want to share their site with others by offering RSS-based feeds of their content. It's also for developers who want to use the content that other people are syndicating. As usual with O'Reilly publications, the presentation is impeccable."
-- Roy Johnson, MANTEX Information Design

"This book provides an in-depth look at the architecture and specifications, Web aggregators, and desktop readers, as well as the mechanics of using feeds and developing new modules. While you can manage to tap a feed without this book, you'll definitely find it useful in terms of understanding what is really going on."
--John Joyce, "Scientific Computing & Instrumentation," June 2004

"Mr. Hammersley has a gift for explaining new concepts clearly...'Content Syndication with RSS' is the only game in town. I know of no other readily available book that's dedicated solely to the details of RSS. Mr. Hammersley's day job as a professional journalist helps him present the essentials of RSS lucidly and with a minimum of fuss. Highly recommended."
--Marc A. Garrett,, July 02, 2003

"As usual with O'Reilly publications, the presentation is impeccable."
--Roy Johnson, MANTEX Information Design