Media praise for DNS & Bind Cookbook

"The 'DNS & Bind Cookbook' presented as a series of objectives, divided into themed sections, with brief descriptions of the steps involved in achieving them. Beginning with useful advice on implementing BIND in the first place, the recipes get progressively more sophisticated. There are chapters dealing with zone data, email, Ipv6, logging, and troubleshooting to name a few. Particularly impressive is the coverage of security. Like any Internet program, BIND requires close and careful attention to ensure that vulnerabilities are not inadvertently left unattended to. 'Cookbook' details many key areas of concern, such as concealing the version number, working with a Firewall and protecting against spoofing."--Chris Denton, "Linux Format," March 2003

"I have little to say about 'DNS and BIND Cookbook,' by Cricket Liu, other than that it is a gem. The book is a catechism of most of the questions I've heard about DNS and BIND on Unix and Unix-like operating systems. If you already know the basics of running your own nameserver but get stumped on the advanced stuff like allowing updates, not forwarding certain queries, delegating a subdomain of a reverse-mapping zone, and about 165 other such issues ranging from simple to sublime, this is your book."
--Jack J. Woehr, Dr. Dobbs Journal, March 2003

"This is an absolute 'must have' for administrators of sites constantly in a state of flux."
--Helen McManus, LinuxChix, April 2003

"I really tried hard to think of something the book should cover that was not already in between the covers, and other than really esoteric stuff, I failed. This is a book for novice and expert alike, and really does make an essential desktop reference for all those creating, modifying, or supporting zone files."
--Raza Rizvi, news@UK, Jan 2003