Media praise for J2EE Design Patterns

"A nice feature of the O'Reilly book is that each pattern gets ample coverage in enough detail for you to understand the actual problem, the causes and -- equally importantly -- how to put a solution into place. Each pattern is described using some UML notation and code samples (Chapter 2 contains a UML primer)... It's a good book, with 285 pages of text and 53 pages of appendices. I've owned it for four days, and I've already managed to steal some of these ideas for the projects I'm working on." Rating: 8/10
--Philip Jacob, Slashdot, November 2003

"The book is supposed to focus on design patterns associated with J2EE and the two authors have in every way done the title justice. The chapters on the different types of design patterns and concise and detailed and examples are given frequently to provide readers with a better understanding of the difficult subject at hand... I was also taken aback by the way the book was organized. Readers can read the book from the first page and continue until the last, which is pretty much the conventional way. Readers can also flip to certain chapters immediately since the chapters are pretty much self-contained. A lot of technical books have that design as well. But there is even a third way, where readers can read the four appendix which give an introduction to each design after which they can flip back to the respective chapters to find out more. It offered a fresh insight for technical readers and it is something I would recommend to all publishers in the future."
--The Technologer, November 2003