Media praise for Programming .NET Security

"Until now there wasn't a book that specifically or sufficiently covered the very important aspect of not only programming for .NET--but programming securely. Adam Freeman and Allen Jones have put together a clear and concise book covering every aspect of what you need to know to program securely for .NET...This is a must-read book for programmers."
--Tony Bradley,, February 2004

"I get really excited about a book when it contains a lot of good information and I am able to actually use it to solve real-world problems. After reading this book, I was able to help solve a really tricky (and politically challenging) security issue quite quickly. If you have anything to do with your company's security systems or write any .NET code, I think this book deserves a place in your reference section. This is certainly the best book on .NET security I have read thus far."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, December 2003

"The information is presented clearly and succinctly. Mentioned above is that the book uses a great deal of code snippets to clarify the concepts being explained. This is the only way to explain such a dense topic as there is no way to simply explain it without showing an example of it."
--Security Forums Dot Com, December 2003

"The book offers examples for writing secure applications in both C# and Visual Basic .NET. [Co-authors] Freeman and Jones rely on their years of experience in applying security policies for Microsoft, NASDAQ, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, and others. Before detailing the .NET Framework collection of security tools and recommendation, their book explains key concepts and common design patters that developers must understand to build applications that can survive in a networked world."
--Theresa Carey, "MSDN Magazine," November 2003

"I was waiting for a book like this. Before this book I've had to scour over the internet to try to find out how to get the different areas of security in .NET to work. Now it's all here in one book. The theory, the explanations, the warnings, the samples. If you are a serious .NET programmer or .NET policy administrator then this is a must have book."
--Rex Arnold, Vancouver Microsoft .Net Framework UG, September 2003