Media praise for Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide for Mac OS

"Help is easy to find by just reading the no-nonsense questions and answers. Just because this booklet is small in content pages doesn't mean that it's lacking in solutions. It is jam-packed with helpful advice that can get you and your Mac back to full working order...And it won't take up much space on your computer desk."
--Macbeth Vannoy, North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Ohio, March 2003

"Don't be deceived by the book's small size--it packs an impressive amount of information and common sense into its 72 pages...This great little guide may just save your bacon one day. Highly recommended."
--Elsa Travisano, Macintosh Users Group, Oneonta, New York, May 2003

"These are so cute! These mini Pocket Guides from O'Reilly answer almost all the essential questions...anyone with even minimal experience at Mac OS systems, old or new, will be using these handy guides often...Slim as the book was, I found new and interesting information immediately. I even found out how to clean my PowerBook screen. No book has ever told me that before!"
--Stephen M.H. Braitman, BOOK BYTES, Jan.22, 2003

"A quick read and fun to look through and makes me feel so glad I own a Macintosh! I compare that to a bookcase full of Windows NT/2000 books and manuals I gave away a while ago. Now I'm going to find out what kind of lightening protection I have between my Cable Modem and my Mac."
--Robert Pritchett, MacNut, Jan 2003