Media praise for Digital Photography Pocket Guide

"Derrick Story is also the author of 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide' (O'Reilly, 2002), a complete guide to the ins and outs of digital cameras--including tips to for shooting in just about every situation you may come across."
--"Australian Macworld," March 2003

"For photography in general, we recommend the 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide.'"
--Mac Addict, Winter 2002

"This slim little book, measuring 4X7 inches, gives you the tools and the knowledge to take the kind of pictures you've always wanted...I recommend this book as a quick read and a handy on site reference."
--Willis Irons, The Journal of the Tuscon Computer Society, Feb 2003

"An excellent addition to any digital photo bugs library--or better yet, camera bag. In 100+ pages, this tiny gem provides valuable information for both the beginner and the shutter-clicker with bulging files of already digitally captured moments."
--Carolyn A. Scott, MacTechnics, March 2003

"Derrick Story's excellent 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide' is designed to be read with camera in hand...A bargain at $14.95, this guide can't help but make you a better photographer. Most highly recommended."
--Elsa Travisano, Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY, March 2003

"The pages are packed with information useful to new and intermediate users of digital cameras as well as to persons contemplating their first purchase...Several times I murmmured 'Aha,' as the digital style of exposure compensation became clear, or 'That would be nice [as a feature in my next camera].' Most importantly, it eases the transition from film to digital photography. If you've ever stood with your camera, wishing you'd memorized your camera's CD-based manual, this book is for you. In summary, this slim volume is worth every penny!"
--Mary Ginsburg, New York Personal Computer User Group

"This is a book that I will keep in my camera case along with the manual that came with the Nikon 995."--Alex B. Wright, AIMUG Canada, Feb 2003

"...a must-have for camera owners."--The Sunday Post, Dundee, Dec 29, 2002

"Comprehensive, logically ordered, and importantly, well indexed..."
--Ingrid Lamperts, AppleAct, Feb 2003

"If Santa (or a deputy) dropped one {a digital camera} into your lap at the end of last year, do yourself a favor and get this book to help you get the most out of your new toy."
--George Carrington, AppleAct, Feb 2003

"Excellent book, perfect for carrying with your camera. Well presented in an organized fashion. Just the facts, brief and to the point with many examples (black and white, not color, but good enough). Covers all the usual digital photography basics and common problems plus a lot of extra suggestions and techniques. I would recommend this book to any one who feels they need a concise reference 'on the road.'", December 2002

"With just a little knowledge and practice, one can greatly improve one's pictures and print, upload, and e-mail them with pride. 'Digital Photography,' by Derrick Story, is designed to provide just enough information and tips to raise one's results from the usual dismal to the very good. It is a small (114 pages), pocket-sized instruction and reference manual which clearly and simply describes the buttons and features of mostly basic and intermediate digital cameras and what to do with them. This is a handy reference guide with clear explanations and no photo jargon."
--John Suda, Apple Cider Newsletter, January 2003

"The under $20 gift has become an endangered species. And the surviving specimens tend to look terminally cheap. So we're always on the lookout for a nice gift item under $20. O'Reilly's Digital Studio series has just published Derrick Story's 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide,' a 4.25x7-inch, 114-page handbook that--at $14.95--breathes new life into the species...whether you are puzzled by a protrusion on your digicam or you have no clue how to shoot with fill flash, this little gem will help you out...Enthusiasts will not need the first section, but first time buyers will find it indispensable for its neat breakdown of basic, intermediate, and advanced features. But occasional digicammers will come back to this little guide time and time again to refresh their memory on certain techniques infrequently used and controls they know are there but can't remember quite where.", December 2002

"Anyone interested in getting better results with the digital camera will get a jump-start by using this concise guide. Definitely recommended."
--Pim Borman, SW Indiana PC Users Group, Inc, January 2003

"Packed with information about digital cameras and how to get the most out of them, in simple, concise, and easy to understand language."
--Joe Kluepfel, BPCA News, January 2003

"Mobilmorphs should take note of O'Reilly's new Pocket Guide series...the solution for quick reference hits without the baggage. Don't bother lugging those six ton tomes when you can stuff the nitty gritty into your gadget bag. We really like Walter Glenn's book on Word and Derek Story's 'Digital Photography.' Keep your eye on this series."
--Derek Pell, DingBat Magazine, January 2003

"Derrick Story has sifted through a lot of information, gleaned the important stuff and written it down concisely in this easy-to-read, easy-to-use pocket guide. He did a great job."--Dennis Wilson, Mountain Macs, January 2003

"I certainly plan to have this wonderful pocket reference firmly planted in my pocket on my next site survey trip."
--Jack Dolby, Club Mac of Hampton, January 2003

"Derrick Story's 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide' may be small in both size and price, but it's long on useful information for the fledgling digital photographer. I carry my copy in my camera bag and refer to it often. It's the perfect gift for anyone just getting started with a digital camera, but it's got plenty of helpful info for even more experienced shutterbugs."
--Bob Levitus, Houston Chronicle, Dec 20, 2002

"O'Reilly's 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide' is a fast reference from a trusted source. Digital photography accessories range in price and compatibility so much that it'll be hard to get that correct certain something for your photographer friend or relative- but assuming they can read, why not get them something fun, functional and new that doesn't break the bank? For $11 you can score an O'Reilly book on the subject and a big thank you."
--Dean Browell, Applelust, Dec 2002

"'The Digital Photography Pocket Guide' gives you the knowledge to take the pictures you've always wanted. It's a quick-reference mentor that explains the digital camera's components, shows you what they do, and helps you to choose the right settings."
--Desktop Connections, Dec 2002

"If you're considering making the leap into digital photography, this book proves invaluable for most everything from selecting the right camera to making the most of its available features.", Dec 2002

"The quality and depth of the information provided in this little pocket book is truly amazing, and all digital photographers, amateur or professional, can benefit by using it."
--Joseph Kluepfel, Broward Personal Computer Association, Dec 2002

"...crammed with information."--Association of A32 Users, Dec 2002

"It is an excellent reference book for beginning photographers and is also an interesting 'read' for the more experienced photographer...especially those with 'film photography' experience."
--Dean Nichols, Campbell Seniors Computer Club, August 2003