Media praise for Essential CVS

"As you might hope, the writing throughout the book is clear and precise, and there are plenty of hints and tips sprinkled liberally throughout. It's hard to imagine some question you may have about CVS or its use which is not answered somewhere in this book, and even if you are fairy expert on CVS, there's bound to be some extra tips and tricks you can pick up here."
Rating: 8/10
--Nick Veitch, "Linux Format," December 2003

"If you're looking for a low-cost entry into the world of version control software, the open source CVS package is a very logical choice. But like most open source packages, the documentation is less than perfect if you want something more than just a reference manual for learning purposes. It's at this point you need a book that explains a bit more about the why's of what you need to do. This book fills that gap nicely...If you do decide to go with CVS, get a copy of this book to supplement the official documentation. Recommended."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, October 2003

"There are two outstanding features of this book: 1. Jennifer Vesperman writes in a clear, fluent but friendly and understandable manner throughout the entire book. 2. Each important subject is peppered with pertinent advice and warnings for the unaware. Whilst the standard of most O'Reilly books is generally high, I must say that this book has clearly been targeted at an audience who wants to know the how and the why but in a way which is not patronising and never boring. I recommend this CVS book to anyone considering using CVS. I'd especially recommend it to those who start to use CVS's more advanced features such as tags and branches. It contains a lot of handy information and its reference section will make the book useful even after having digested the rest of the books contents."
--David Lloyd,, July 2003