Media praise for Cocoa in a Nutshell

--Emma Story,, April 2004

"Like other O'Reilly Nutshell books, this is not the first stop on the journey of learning the topic in question. Also like the other Nutshell books, it is the definitive reference for the topic that it covers...When faced with problems such as stopping coding, going into the documentation, or digging around to find the class documentation I need, there is just something magical about being able to flip through a book to find solutions."
--William Stevenson, "ACM Queue," November 2003

"An essential reference for serious Cocoa developers."
--Major Keary, AUSOM News, September 2003

"O'Reilly's new book 'Cocoa in a Nutshell' is the most thorough and up to date reference to the Cocoa API available. You don't want web pages that may or may not be accessible today, you don't want PDF's that fill your monitor while you're trying to code. The best programmer's reference is a good book--this is one of the best...If you're serious about mastering Cocoa, you want this book."
--DevDepot, September 2003