Media praise for Programming SQL Server 2005

"I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and have been teaching classes on SQL Server 2005 for over a year. Therefore, I've seen numerous books and classes on SQL 2005. In my mind, this book stands out from the pack."
-- Jerry Dixon, JerBear's Lair

"The goal of Programming SQL Server 2005 is to provide you the resource that you need to learn the ins and outs of programming SQL Server 2005. Its premise is that you do not need to know programming in SQL 2000 — which is so radically different than the new version — in fact, just a basic understanding of SQL is required...What it does do well, very well in fact, is to introduce all of the things new to 2005. Obviously, to go into detail of all the topics here would require five volumes. I think that this book is a perfect volume for the person who has worked with and is comfortable with SQL Server 2000 and now wants to learn 2005. While it will be good for those with SQL knowledge and no experience with any Microsoft SQL Sever platform, they may want to also get Learning SQL on SQL Server 2005 also by O'Reilly to fill in some of the gaps."
-- T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics Magazine