Media praise for Running Mac OS X Panther

"[Running Mac OS X Panther] is written well, and if you happen to be sitting next to your computer while reading it, you'll be constantly torn between the two. There are lots of things you'll want to try right away...Check out this book if you want to learn the gory details of Mac OS X's core. It's short on gimmicks but long on information."
--Matthew Leingang,, November 2004

"...well written, well edited, tight and crammed full of information pitched at just the right level. Davidson has done an excellent job with this book."
--Tony Williams,, April 2004

"Last year I came back to the Macintosh platform after a 10 year absence. I couldn’t ask for a better companion for my return journey than 'Running Mac OS X Panther,' by James Duncan Davidson. Most of the GUI programs built into Panther (like Mail, iTunes, and iCal) are intuitive, but if you want to explore Panther’s internals you may need a guide...The book is full of useful tips on how to interact with or enhance GUI programs from the command line."
--Marc Garrett,, June 2004

"I'll come right to the point: Davidson's 'Running Mac OS X Panther' is an excellent book...James Davidson has targeted the advanced user who wants to learn useful advanced Macintosh techniques, but does not want swim through a 1000 page technical reference. It's a pleasure to find a book that covers complex material in a readable way, without losing focus amidst a flood of geeky detail...'Running Mac OS X Panther' is a fine little book that you can read, re-read, and enjoy yourself while doing so. It's full of useful advanced level information, but it doesn't read like a textbook. Highly recommended."
--David Weeks,, June 2004

"IMHO, Apple should have included this book with every copy of Panther - it would have filled that empty space in the box very nicely, added real value and more than justified the $230 I had to pay for my copy of Panther. As they didn't, may I recommend that, if you really care about what makes your Mac tick, you get to the nearest bookshop, as soon as you possibly can, and get your copy that way? You won't regret it. And NO, you can't borrow my copy, I need it right here alongside me, it's my security blanket!"
--George Carrington, Apple User Group Incorporated, April 2004

"This is the definitive guide to the core."
--Major Keary, PC Update, March 2004

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that Running Mac OS X Panther is the best book currently available on the inner workings of OS 10.3 Panther. If you want to become a Panther power user, look no further."
--Elsa Travisano, MUG ONE, March 2004

"'Running Mac OS X Panther' is the book the Mac Power users have been waiting for. Author James Duncan Davidson takes you deep inside Mac OS X's core and shows you how to make Pather Purr?If you are inquisitive and confident and want to dig about in Mac OS X and get the most out of it, you really can't go wrong with this book!"
--MacSofa, February 2004

"Strengths: Drills deeper into the Unix-side of Panther without being snooty about it.
Weaknesses: None found...I love the Further Explorations at the end of each chapter and I thank whomever wrote the Preface , because it does such a sweet job outlining what is in the book...And my hat's off to O'Reilly for having and hosting weblinks for their authors and books...I really wish all my Linux buddies could read this book. Many of them have already quietly migrated, but this book will bring the rest of them over to this Apple platform...Do like I did, open the book and breath deeply as the aroma of Unix wafts up from the pages and shows the BSD Unix Core while allowing me to drink from a few power user tips and tricks...Not a Mac Guru yet? You will be if you can remember everything James Duncan Davidson wrote here."
--Robert Pritchett, Mac Companion, February 2004