Media praise for Java Database Best Practices

"More database applications are written in Java, so DBAs need to become more conversant in Java. The perfect way to do just that is to read George Reese's 'Java Database Best Practices,' a book just published in June 2003. When starting out with Java, it can be easy to get buried in an avalance of acronyms (EJB, JDO, JDBC) and new technology. Reese's book will help you to navigate your way successfully through your Java database application design and development projects."
--Craig S. Mullins, "Database Trends and Applications," September 2003

"For such a relatively thin book (267pp), it touches on a wealth of topics vital to the subject at hand...'Java Database Best Practices' accomplishes what it sets out to do. This is a book that might be handy to have to pass around your development team in the design phase to get you all on the same page when making some critical choices. This book could also well serve those, such as managers perhaps, seeking a broad survey of Java database programming. I also feel that this book would make an excellent companion text for a college database programming course using Java."
--Jason Menard,, June 2003