Media praise for Digital Video Pocket Guide

"['Digital Video Pocked Guide'] is most valuable to those who have a desire to be the next big Hollywood filmmaker or something close to it...The price is only $15. The price is inexpensive for someone who really wants to be good at making videos and movies. You can learn so much for so little."
--Vanessa Muldrow, Memphis PC Users Group, January 2004

"Well, my pockets aren't quite this big, but this handy, slim tome could easily be slipped into your video case for reference. It's a genuinely interesting little book that doesn't forget that digital video is still video, and we need to learn about traditional techniques such as shot composition, focus, zoom, and so on, not just bluetooth and batteries. The technical side of things is certainly not ignored, however, and you should find your fill of information on everything from A/V terminals, to exposure compensation, to image stabilization, to zebra patterns...Spielberg eat your heart out!", October 2003

"Few of us are cinematographers, but we've all picked up a video camera at some point...But 'point and shoot' can only take you so far, and many of us have found ourselves in the field without a crucial detail. Now, Derrick Story's 'Digital Video Pocket Guide' has nailed down the answers to our most common technical and operational questions. Weighing in at 126 pages, this fistful of facts takes up no more space than a couple of MiniDV cartridges...A mere glance can tell you what you need to know, whether it's what various depths of field will look like or how to cope with wind. Story's 'Pocket Guide' has uses off set too; wedding victims will find solace and support in his section entitled 'How to Survive Special Events.'"
--Tony Reveaux, Film/Tape World, September 2003

"The Pocket Guide to Digital Video by Derrick Story is a book every beginning videographer should read...Derrick covers everything from how to work the camera's levers, buttons and wheels to how to blend in at special events...Derrick uses simple language to explain difficult concepts. O'Reilly's published a great book for $14.95!"
--Michael Morgan, Greater Kansas City Perl Mongers, August 2003