Media praise for TiVo Hacks

"I can't imagine a handier guide...A hacked TiVo is to TiVo what TiVo is to television. Once you do it, you will wonder why you hadn't done it sooner."
--Aaron Young, Chicago Perl Mongers, December 2003

"One of the greatest features of this book is the fact that it realizes that not all of us are seasoned Linux veterans. In fact, for those too afraid to venture into, 'getting under the hood' or using a Linux command line, there are plenty of hacks to be explored. Most of the beginner level hacks are done with the TiVo remote...For those a bit more brave and experienced with hardware and a willingness to learn, the under the hood operations are just what you're looking for...Whatever your level, you?ll easily be able to find the material you need!"
--Marianne Evans, Grand Rapids Area Microcomputers Users Group, November 2003

"This is an awesome book, plain and simple. I have read many articles on hacking the Tivo, but this book is by far the best written on the topic...I would recommend this book to anyone with a TiVo."
--Brian Lemieux, Grand Rapids Tech Group, September 2003