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Media praise for CSS Cookbook

"About the CSS essentials, this book has it all...The book never sent me scrambling for Wikipedia; the writing was clear, and the recipes worked the first time out of the box...The practical approach, combined with a dash -- but just the right amount -- of theory, makes CSS Cookbook an exceptionally useful reference for learning and doing CSS."
--Michael Pastore,, March 2005

"CSS programmers will welcome Christopher Schmitt's CSS Cookbook, covering CSS2.1 and providing a fine introduction to real-world programs and solutions in cascading style sheets, from quick code fixes to page elements and fixing navigation issues."
--Bookwatch, February 2005

"Especially useful for the less-seasoned designer who isn't tremendously familiar with CSS, and equally helpful for the web designer who just wants to add a few tricks to his or her "repertoire," this hearty volume provides a wide variety of plugin-ready tricks and tools that just about anyone...will find invaluable."
--Ryan Eanes,, December 2004