Media praise for Spidering Hacks

"Lots of great ideas - 5 stars. Once in a long while you get a book that inspires you with a lot of great small ideas. Spidering Hacks is just that type of book...This book demonstrates everything I like in a technical book. It not only describes how things are done. It also gives practical examples of how the technology can be useful in the real world, and presents them enthusiastically. It makes you want to go out and implement all of the ideas and to keep on going with some of your own...Have to say, O'Reilly is on a roll with the Hacks series. They have all been fine books."
--Jack Herrington, Code Generation Network, March 2004

"'Spidering Hacks' is an example-filled, easy-to-follow, highly recommended computer shelf resource."
--Library Bookwatch, March 2004

"We keep recommending the O'Reilly Hacks series because these books are just so darned useful. This book is not about arachnids but about programmatically retrieving information from the Web. The focus here is on the Perl programming language, primarily because of the vast and useful collection of Perl tools that exist specifically for downloading and parsing Web content. Using the right modules, you can fetch the contents of an entire Web site in only a couple of lines worth of code. With a few more lines, you can parse that information and extract just the bit you need - say a stock quote, or a picture, or an array of Amazon links, or all the URLs on a page. In its collection of 100 tips and tricks, the book hits on just about every conceivable method of gathering and analyzing Web data. It's clearly a must for anybody who wants to automate the gathering of Web data at any level, from one-off Web spiders to complex, database-driven Web scraping applications."
--Netsurfer Digest, Volume 9 Issue 45, November 2003