Media praise for Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing

"You should purchase this book because you care about freedom, both for yourself and for your end users. This book will show you the licenses, explain how they can be used, and give you the information needed to make informed decisions. Knowing the details, the factual ones and not the FUD, will make you the “go to” person when these type of questions arise. You will have the ability to really bring out the positive benefits of open source software. Open source licensing is what keeps freedom available for all."
-- Brian Turner, Free Software Magazine

"With the right blend of legal issues and discussions, licensing alternatives available to CxOs, rights for free software engineers, and insight into understand the culture of the open-source community for the closed-source businessperson, St. Laurent outdoes himself in this installment. Style and preciseness are among St. Laurent's strongest traits. This book becomes more of a definitive guide to licensing for open source and free software, as well as proprietary works. Annotated clause by clause, this book presents a clear, comprehensive flow through the licenses presented... Being a developer of both closed source and open-source software projects, I've found this book infinitely helpful! It answered the questions I've been seeking and will prove to be a reference in the future. I recommend this book to expert and novice developers, and equally to open-source vigilantes and closed-source defenders!"
--Philip O'Brien, Dalhousie Student Chapter ACM, April 2005

"Frankly, reading through a software license and maintaining a reasonable level of comprehension is a rather tough job. The author manages to make the task far more bearable and fruitful at the same time; a difficult balance to strike...Understanding Open Source & Free Software Licensing strikes a balance between completeness of subject matter coverage and manageability of size. Given the amount of attention the average open source user or developer has given to licensing, reading this book would be a considerable serves as a great foundation for developers either active in or contemplating participation in open source development."
--Barry Hawkins,, January 2005

"...the book discusses licensing issues in the context of problems that have to be resolved by developers who want to release their software freely. Readers don't need to have any particular knowledge of law. The author does not engage in attempts to use entertaining language as a sweetener, but relies on plain language. It works well...this is a lucid exposition of copyright, patent and warranty issues. Apart from those with an immediate interest in copyright etc., it is an important text for anyone with a big-picture interest in open source software."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2005:1

"If you are doing development in this arena, have made an improvement to one of the programs, or have written a program for internal use that might have resale value, you can't afford to not understand the nuances of the various licensing agreements. Understanding Open Source & Free Software Licensing is highly recommended and required reading for anyone in this situation."
--Harold McFarland, "Midwest Book Review," February 2005

" Understanding Open Source & Free Software Licensing is focused, informative, and well-organized. I found it very readable. I recommend this book for almost anyone starting a new open source development project, and for other people who need or want to understand the implications of the most-used open source licenses. It think it plausible that even professional lawyers could find this book very helpful, as the author hopes."
--Chris Niswander, Journal of the Tucson Computer Society, December 2004

"Software developers who plan to use code that falls under one of the free or open-source licenses may wonder what those licenses mean and how to interpret them. This book provides solid reference information for people who code and for program managers...The author examines each license, one section at a time, and explains what they mean."
--Jon Titus, ECN Magazine, November 2004

"Whether you're a developer deciding which license will serve your IP rights best, an attorney struggling to understand a confusing new field, a corporate buyer negotiating in the Open Source market, or a journalist who needs to accurately write about it, this book is invaluable."
--Amy Wohl, Amy D. Wohl's Opinions, November 2004

"This book will show you the licenses, explain how they can be used, and give you the information needed to make informed decisions. Knowing the details, the factual ones and not the FUD, will make you the 'go to' person when these type of questions arise."
--Brian Turner, Free Software Magazine