Media praise for Windows XP Power Hound

"Learn how to turn a favorite web page into Windows wallpaper, complete with clickable links. Speed up "startup," rename groups of documents in one swoop, create a fax line (without an extra phone line), slam spam, secure the system and use invisible ink in Microsoft Word. Power is fun."
--Bob and Joy Schwabach, "On Computers," March 2005

"Pithy and prescient, author Preston Gralla serves up tips, tricks, tweaks and tutorials that will slowly transform just about anybody into a world-class Windows wonk."
--Chicago Tribune, March 2005

"This book is well worth the price just for the section in the first chapter on how to speed up starup and shutdown and resolve problems with both of them."
--Harold McFarland, "Midwest Book Review," March 2005

"This is the reference of choice for any new XP owner and should ideally come bundled with any XP driven-PC."
--Diane Donovan, "Midwest Book Review," February 2005