Media praise for Linux Pocket Guide

"Barretts’ Linux pocket guide is a good addition to your IT tool bag. While not designed to explain every command available in the *nix language it is a good quick resource that highlights the most important options. Think of it as a “man pages” in your pocket. A good resource for beginner *nix admins as well."
-- , Central Oregon Information Systems User Group

"If you're looking for something a little smaller, the Linux Pocket Guide this tiny book of only 224 pages packs a wallop in terms of only including the best information and avoiding bloat within the book. It's all killer, with no filler."
-- Glen Stansberry, NETTUTS

"O'Reilly's Linux Pocket Guide has a cornucopia of commands and their parameters that can help you where your memory fails...The focus is wholly on the commands that drive console Linux...You also get a ten-page index listing all the commands and where they are, which is remarkably good...Can't memorize man pages? This is for you."
Rating: 9/10
--Linux Format, October 2004

"In conclusion, the book packs a powerful punch for only 10 bucks. If you use the Linux command line, you need this book. It's quick reference style will save you a lot of time."
--Stephanie Smith, Plano Java User's Group, February 2004