Media praise for Mastering Oracle SQL

"An extensive reference, meant for the experienced programmer looking to elevate his or her skill in Oracle SQL to the point of expertise, Mastering Oracle SQL especially focuses upon the software's strengths such as regular expressions, interrow calculations, recursive queries, analytic and advanced GROUP BY functions, and more...a practical and thorough tool for independent study and professional use."
--The Bookwatch, December 2004

"The book provides all of the basics you'd expect to find in an introductory text on SQL, but because the information is expertly presented with the Oracle DBA in mind, those same DBAs will find this an invaluable text...A key feature of the book is its differentiation of SQL features for the various releases of Oracle Database. The book, updated for Oracle 10g, points out new SQL features found only in Oracle9i and Oracle 10g."
--Oracle Magazine, November 2004