Media praise for Programming C#

"The fourth edition of Jesse Liberty's Programming C# is a great update to a classic, moving it forward to version 2.0 of the language and the .NET Framework. I hadn't read the earlier editions cover to cover, but I did with this one. And it was worth it... The 600+-page book is a logical progression from learning the language to using it to build Windows and Web Forms apps, right through how to use C# with various parts of the .NET Framework."
--Don Kiely, Visual Studio Magazine, June 2005

"Overall the book gives a good detailed introduction to C# as a language and teaches how to use it in practice to build either desktop or web based application accessing database. I think, given the compact size of the book, the author managed to put together all necessary details about C# as a programming language, .NET framework and their essential programming techniques. The book is a good reference material for someone already familiar with basics object oriented programming, multithreading, input output and looking to learn C# basics or make transition from Java to C#. As a developer who programmed with different languages I found the book to be a useful C# syntax reference source."
--Dmitri Nevedrov, Denver Visual Studio.NET, July 2005

"Any book that makes it to a fourth edition is doing something good for its readers."
--Marnie Hutcheson, MSDN Magazine, June 2005

"Jesse Liberty's Programming C# is a recommended technical pick for any developing applications on the .NET platform: such users will find this fourth edition of C# provides professionals with all the details needed to absorb the language, concepts, and applications. From objects and interfaces to handling strings, expressions and bugs, C# users receive a foundation of hard facts which lend to building a solid C# platform--and all text has been updated for Visual Studio 2005, .NET Framework 2.0 and C# 2.0."
--Diane Donovan, Donovan's Bookshelf, MBR Bookwatch, May 2005

"Jesse Liberty's Programming C# quickly established itself as one of the better C# books when the language (and .NET) was first introduced by Microsoft. Now, timed to coincide with the hoped for release of .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, O'Reilly have released a fourth, updated edition of the book...The writing style is easy-going enough and the book features lots of code snippets to make things clear. The attention paid to C++, VB and Java programmers is likely to be welcome to those readers, and is unobtrusive to the rest...this is a book that is rightly considered one of the best programmers' introductions to C#.
--Pan Pantziarka, TechBookReport, May 2005

"Jesse's book continues to be one that I can recommend without reservations to anyone who just wants to sit down and learn what C# is all about...If you're a reasonably experienced programmer and want to invest in just one book to learn C#, this is the one.", March 2005