Media praise for Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's Notebook

"This book is an easy read that focuses on the features of the new language as well as methods of increasing productivity...This book is helpful for all developers even those that have never developed in C# before. Overall, this is a great book and I highly recommend it. The book is easy to read and at times even enjoyable to read. The examples throughout the text are very helpful and cover a wide variety of features."
-- Ian Jaffe, Denver Visual Studio User Group

"This is one of the first books in O'Reilly new Developer's Notebook series. It is designed to appeal to the early adopters... My first impressions are favorable - the general format is that it picks a topic, presents an explanation and some source code. Then the author proceeds to solve a somewhat thorny issue having to do with a topic... the book pretty much covers the laundry list of the features that are expected the ship in the VS 2005 IDE + new language features..."
--Robert Gelb, VBRAD, July 2005

"...if you are moving from some other environment, or from the 1.x versions of either language, these books offer a good way to get up to speed quickly, as well as books to keep around for when you need to do something you have not done before using the new features of the language."
--Doug Reilly, MobilizedSoftware Blog, July 2005