Media praise for Internet Annoyances

"For anyone whose e-mail looks like gibberish, whose own Internet Service Provider treats them like a spammer, and who wants to protect children from X-rated Web content, a veteran computer writer/editor offers tips for getting smarter online and even getting live technical assistance."
--SciTech Book News, June 2005

"Preston Gralla's Internet Annoyances covers all the possible annoyances of navigating the web; from spam and spyware to thwarting hackers and troubleshooting connections with both cable and DSL. The emphasis on real-world common gripes and solutions makes for a practical application guide."
--James Cox, Midwest Book Review, May 2005

"Excellent resource, and very little techno-speak--making it a invaluable learning tool both for those just getting started on the Web or those who have more experience...You will want to use this book as a hands-on, instantly ready resource. Put it right next to your computer in wait for the next time (and there will be a next time!) you get a suspicious email from those pesky Nigerian millionaire expatriates, or when you are inundated with pop-ups from Windows Messenger, or just about anytime when you're online. I've already used it quite a few times for a reference tool, and I'm hoping that the author's publisher will encourage him to update this book on a regular basis. I highly recommend it."
--Wendy Boswell,, March 2005