Media praise for Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer's Notebook

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"J5T does an excellent job of providing an overview of the new features in Java 5...Overall J5T is an excellent utility book for people coming from a Java 1.4 background."
-- Nathan Yergler,

"McLaughlin and Flanagan's title is intended to cut through both jargon and complex reference structures to bring the meat of the changes [to Java 5.0 Tiger] to the typical Java developer's aid...highly recommended..."
--Diane Donovan, "Midwest Book Review," December 2004

"'Java 5.0 Tiger: A Developer's Notebook' has all the information and quality we have come to expect from O'Reilly...This book is informative, useful and looks really cool!
A guru narrates the book...It really does read like a conversation...The authors give warnings about common pitfalls and tasks that you cannot do -- just like you would expect a guru to do...I would not give a 10 unless a book was amazing. This one earned it!"
--Jeanne Boyarsky,, August 2004