Media praise for Knoppix Hacks

"An excellent resource and useful guide for the person who wants to go beyond the basics, Knoppix Hacks is highly recommended."
-- Harold McFarland, Harold's Bookshelf

"Knoppix Hacks goes beyond the “kick the tires” approach a new user would take when trying out Knoppix for the first time. The author gives enough information to allow an interested user to be able to install Knoppix directly to their hard drive. In addition, the details provided in the book in regards to the enclosed tools would be quite interesting to a systems administrator...Knoppix Hacks is a great book for new users interested in learning more about Linux. In addition, the book does give some great details for the more advanced user who wants to “morph” their own version of Knoppix. For the most part, Knoppix Hacks also does a decent job at explaining how to use some of the enclosed tools on the CD. A Windows administrator may find some of the tools interesting, however, my experience has been that some of the Windows tools are not quite what the book makes them out to be. Overall, the book is a decent reference to have for someone wanting to learn more about Linux. Systems administrators may want to look at the book and the enclosed CD as another available tool they may want to set aside in their toolbox, just in case."
-- Brian Boudreau, MainE Linux Users Group

"The book shows 100 ways of using Knoppix to get things done, and does so in a way that's easy to follow. Knoppix Hacks has something for Linux and Windows alike, and even comes with a live CD to get you started. I've found the book to be one of the most informative I've read in recent memory. It has proven to be an invaluable part of my bookshelf."
--Adam Israel,, May 2005

"One of the best books on Knoppix is Knoppix Hacks. The author, Kyle Rankin, explores all the facets of this versatile distribution in his book. The book is an essential reference for anyone who has to fix computers, whether SysAdmin, or the family 'Computer Guy'... Highly recommended."
--Soumyadip Modak, India Linux Users Group (ILUG-CAL), May 2005

"Knoppix Hacks provides the information you need to make the most out of Knoppix. Without it, you would be hard pressed to discover all you can do with Knoppix. The book comes with an older version of a Knoppix CD (3.4), but even so, think of it as the perfect gift for a talented sysadmin, whether she works with UNIX or Windows."
--Rik Farrow, ;login:, April 2005

"In the limited space I have, I can't really do the book justice. if you are an administrator, you need this book. Go get it."
--Tony Bradley,, February 2005

"Verdict: Our recommended companion to a Knoppix CD
Think of this as a super-strength toolkit and instruction manual in one...The task-orientation makes the book especially useful in an emergency....If you've ever wondered how to install Knoppix on a hard disk, or how to dual boot it with Windows then this is the place to learn how...the core of the book, at least as far as we're concerned are the hacks on using Knoppix as your single-source rescue CD.", February 2005

"...if you are going to get really serious with Knoppix, you need a wonderful book we just got our hands on: Knoppix Hacks by Kyle Rankin. This book is beyond excellent. It explains everything you need to know about Knoppix and how to use the operating system for repairing and working with Windows systems!"
--Mark Gibbs,, January 2005

"One or two Knoppix books are out there...but what sets Knoppix Hacks apart is not that it is one of the few available on the subject, but rather Rankin's skill in exposing the underutilized potential in the Knoppix tool set...This is one of the liveliest technical books I've read in a long time. A few of the easier hacks can be found on or elsewhere but I think Rankin has managed to put the majority of Knoppix related material in one book that could be subtitled the 'First Knoppix Manual.' The admin hacks, in particular, will add a whole new arsenal of Knoppix wonders to an admin's repertoire. Kudos to O'Reilly for publishing such an outstanding volume, to Rankin for compiling some damn useful material, and to MacGyver for inspiring many of us to look for simple solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems."
Rating: 10/10
--Mary Norbury-Glaser,, November 2004

"This is probably the first Hacks title that transcends the Hacks philosophy and becomes a 'user manual' on Knoppix. There just isn't anything out on the market like this book, and once you read the material you quickly realize how much you've been missing by not having a Knoppix CD in your CD case. This is an incredible book on an incredible tool that is much more than what meets the eye. Highly recommended."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff,, November 2004

"Many techies and hackers recognize that Knoppix is a great tool and have added it to their toolset. Knoppix Hacks is a wonderful complement to Knoppix. I recommend it to both experienced sysadmins and newbie hackers."
--James Pryor, NewsForge, November 2004

"[Knoppix Hacks] offers lots of useful advice on how use Knoppix to create an emergency router, scan a Windows PC for viruses, connect to the Internet through your cell phone, make an information kiosk, create an emergency Web server, rescue problematic Windows installs, and much, much more. You can see how Knoppix is a great tool for anybody who travels in a heterogeneous PC environment. This book makes it even more useful."
--Netsurfer Digest, November 2004

"One very strong point was the type of information given. 100 tips and tricks might not seem like that much, but in reality, it takes a lot of work to present these pieces of information in an efficient and cohesive manner. There is really a fine line between being too vague and being bogged down in detail. Knoppix Hacks toes this divide gracefully, with a balance between simplicity and productivity...It's simple, straightforward, and gives you tips and tricks you can actually use to make you a more efficient user. Up until now, there has been a serious lack of published documentation regarding Knoppix, and I hope that the popularity and inevitable success of Knoppix Hacks will set a new trend!", November 2004