Media praise for UML 2.0 in a Nutshell

"Overall, I like this better than the other UML 2.0 books I've seen. It sticks to teaching me UML 2.0, rather than trying to teach me OO at the same time (or assuming that I don't know anything about programming), and steers clear of the more grandiose claims of UML 2.0 proponents. It's a book I can pick up when I need to read a UML 2.0 diagram that uses something beyond the vocabulary I've already mastered, which is precisely what I need with my own attitude towards the language. If that matches your own attitude, it's a decent investment."
-- Mike Gunderloy,

"Overall I really enjoyed this book. I highly recommend it to people trying to learn the UML for the first as well as those wanting to know what has changed since previous versions of the UML. I recommend this book to both veterans and to those new to the UML alike because of how it is written. Both groups will find the book’s pragmatic approach to using the UML quickly educational and beneficial as an on-going reference. "
-- Brian C. Lanham,