Media praise for Writer

"Weber's text is well written and guides the reader through the processes she describes in a logical way. She avoids taking the reader off on tangents: she does point out other possibilities or options without straying from the point she is covering. "
-- Bob Moffat, NorthWest Apple Pickers Mac User Group

"While you may be intrigued by OpenOffice, the open-source suite of programs, at one point you would have been on your own in training yourself to use it. That’s starting to change. There's now a Dummies and a Teach Yourself book, but they normally just scratch the surface. Writer by Jean Hollis Weber is one of the first books I’ve seen that focuses on how to use the word processing component of the free software...The ample illustrations and layout of the book show what is possible with the software. At one time, the only documentation for OpenOffice was written by geeks and for geeks. This book is a definite step up."
--Bruce Kratofil,, May 2005

"An eminently practical manual that deals with features required for professional-level documents and shows how to make a smooth transition from MS Word. A companion CD contains the most recent (at the time of writing) version of OOo for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Because StarOffice and OOo use the same source code, the book can be used as a manual for StarWriter."
--Major Keary, PC Update, December 2004

"If your goal is office memos, letters, and notices, for Dummies will do. If you need to write articles or books, term papers or dissertations, Writer is for you. I've never met Ms. Weber, but I now thank her daily."
--Peter H. Salus, Unix Review, December 2004

"Author Jean Hollis Weber takes a straightforward approach explaining how to do things in Writer—you don't waste time getting through flowery prose or historical information. But the author's style is not stiff or grounded in boring technical language. It's just concise and to the point."
--Jim Huddle,, November 2004

"The book [includes] a CD-ROM with a copy of OpenOffice for various operating systems including Linux, Mac, Solaris, and Windows. This book is a thorough introduction to the Writer software...Basically, just about everything that you are likely to use in a business environment is Writer is a highly recommended book for anyone thinking about looking at this product as an alternative to Microsoft Office."
--Harold McFarland, Midwest Book Review, November 2004