Media praise for PowerPoint 2003 Personal Trainer

"This introduction and self-teaching resource is not designed to be simply read through, but to be used for 'work outs' with the interactive material on the CD. Well worth considering as a course text by anyone teaching PowerPoint."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"The step-by-step lessons are idiot-proof! I give it a Five-Star-Rating and highly recommend it for anyone interested in creating a simple slide show or a razzle-dazzle photo album or a technical formal presentation."
--Barbara A. H. Nuehring, The Journal of The Tucson Computer Society, May 2005

"Now I am a superhero. Just ask my PowerPoint personal trainer... PowerPoint 2003 Personal Trainer starts with the very basics and by the end shows you all of the tricks of the trade. You can't mess up--just follow the steps... After checking out the Personal Trainer, I wish that I could roll the clock back and add sound or movie clips to my last presentation. Now I know how."
--Megan Hefner, Memphis PC Users Group, June 2005