Media praise for Creating Photomontages with Photoshop: A Designer's Notebook

"If you are wanting to take your Photoshop compositing work to a new level, you might find this book helps you do just that. Or it may be a good book for you to use as inspiration."
-- Victoria Maciulski, Conejo Ventura Mac Users Group

"A recommended reference for advanced Photoshop users who have the basics down: photomontages are multiple images skillfully combined to provide new thought-provoking results, and William Rodamor translates from its original French an extraordinary feast of Photoshop photomontage results from a variety of leading French artists, using the projects to demonstrate execution steps and the finer art of special effects."
--James Cox, Midwest Book Review, May 2005

"I am amazed at several of the techniques described in this book. While originally written in French, nothing is lost in the English translation. This book will definitely help you add to both your photography and Photoshop skills... The creativity contained in the 'notebook' is beyond simple words, it is outlined and explained very well."
--Adam Harkleroad,, April 2005

"Personally, as something of a Photoshop dabbler who's been skimming the surface of the program for years, I have to say that this book helped me far more than one of the huge Photoshop bibles simply because it demonstrates various functions in real-world terms. I can tell that it will be a resource I'll return to for examples and inspiration."
--Bill Wallo,, April 2005

"It's always a good sign when a book about photography and graphics is itself
visually appealing...Though the steps along the way are not easy each book does a great job of providing easily followed details...This book is not merely a technical manual about imagery. Each of the nine examples is a narrative from the artist, which adds another layer of judgment as to the value and difficulty of the work...So much here is exciting for anyone who sees all those tabs and menus and filters in Photoshop but has only tinkered around for amusement. This book can help anyone approach a manifestation of true art."
--Temple Stark,, March 2005