Media praise for Illustrations with Photoshop: A Designer's Notebook

"A collection of extraordinary artwork produced by nine world-class graphic artists. The works, which were produced exclusively with Adobe Photoshop, provide a rare insight into how professionals use the extensive set of Photoshop tools to create stunning works of art. The book is beautifully designed and printed in full color."
-- Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"The work in this book is absolutely amazing and is an inspiration. Even if you were to use just one or two techniques described within it is well worth the price of the book.
--Adam Harkleroad,, April 2005

"All in all, Illustrations with Photoshop is exactly what it promises: a Designer's Notebook, filled with tips, tricks, and techniques but perhaps even more importantly with inspiration. The compelling images designed by the artists collected in this book not only demonstrate the time-consuming process associated with any artistic creation, whether designed in part on a computer or not; they also reflect the fact that with effort and patience people can indeed utilize Photoshop to make compelling artwork on their own."
--Bill Wallo,, April 2005

"I found the book to be informative and educational, yet not too techie, geeky or in-depth to stunt the readers creativity...The design of the book alone is an exercise in creative page layout so graphic designers will find inspiration in this as a bonus!..I can see many, many hours of creativity awaiting me thanks to the inspiration I gained from this fun and informative read. Check it out if you are a traditional illustrator or a wanna-be. The book is high quality, and for the money it is chock full of ideas, suggestions, how-tos and just plain ol' cool ideas."
--Temple Stark,, March 2005