Media praise for Excel Scientific and Engineering Cookbook

"Scientists and engineers will find this book an excellent guide to the problem-solving and information-visualization capabilities of Excel. In fact, anyone—including students—required to report concisely on research data and results would find this book useful."
-- Charlene Brown, Big Blue & Cousins (BB&C)

"If you are into complex formulas and functions, then this book has quite a few recipes to choose from to help you get your work done. Five out of five stars. Weaknesses: None."
-- Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion

"You'll find this book a compilation of practical information and you'll refer to it often as you analyze and present data. I particularly liked Bourg's chapter on charting. Although I use Excel to display simple graphs, I never mastered the use of multiple axes. The how-to examples and descriptions provide the instructions needed to add extra axes to plots. And I learned how to effectively plot 3D surfaces, too. I recommend this book highly."
-- Jon Titus, Design News

"The book is good value for the money...I usually avoid other reviews of a book I’m trying to review, but after most of this was written, I took a peek at Amazon’s reader reviews. This book gets high marks from some professional people."
-- Rip Lowman, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society

"This most excellent book aims to present Excel as a cradle to the grave computing environment for scientific and engineering computations. More importantly, this book shows you how to use Excel and VBA in general, how to import data from a variety of sources, analyze data, perform calculations, and finally visualize the results for interpretation and presentation."
-- John Vacca,

"If you are going to use Excel, and you expect to occasionally need to try something new, I heartily recommend this book. If nothing else, your spouse will appreciate not hearing you cuss yourself blue in the face."
-- Bill Bruml, Mouse Tales

"The book is filled with real world examples of solutions to scientific and engineering problems. A utility book for the science and engineering students, the book is also recommended for the Excel and other spreadsheet enthusiasts."
-- Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,

"This is a great reference book to people in the scientific and engineering community who have used Excel, but would like to dig a little deeper and be able to better utilize more of Excel's capability. I've used Excel for over a decade, and still found this book to be a good reference. The author covers a wide variety of subjects such as: importing data into Excel, VBA, Statistical Analysis and Curve Fitting/Regression Testing, Solving Differential Equations, etc. The cookbook approach, along with a decent index make it easy to locate a relevant function/recipe that a person is looking for. Excel 2003 is covered (although older versions are also referred to). I recommend the book to anybody using Excel and wanting to further explore its capabilities."
-- Nick Bulitka,

"Scientists and engineers will find this book an excellent guide to the problem-solving and information-visualization capabilities of Excel."
--Charlene Brown, Big Blue & Cousins (BB&C)