Media praise for Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom

"If you have your own website (personal or business) or run a blog, it is worth reading RSS and Atom--even if the code examples are over your head--for the insights it provides into what technology is used for syndicated feeds and how it is used, and alternative ways of doing things."
-- Major Keary, PC Update

"This was a very helpful book when developing our own RSS feeds and it's very useful as an adjunct to Web resources when generating your own feeds for others to consume."
-- Joe Dolittle, Outlook Power Magazine

"Want to make a feed out of a Google search item? Done. Want to make a feed out of your wish list? Done. There are just so many nuggets of knowledge in this book, it is hard to point out the best part. There are so many angles to the world of syndication and Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom has just about every inch covered."
Mitch Keeler, Lockergnome, May 2005

"Overall, the book offers a thorough presentation of RSS and Atom in an easy to understand manner. Using a conversational style of writing, the author manages to make the reader feel comfortable with a subject that can sometimes seem difficult. If you want to learn how to create your own RSS and Atom feeds, or just want to get up to speed with the latest technology, Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom will prove to be a valuable asset to your library."
--Lee Underwood,, June 2005

"As with most O'Reilly books, this is the definitive book on the subject, written by a professional programmer for professional programmers. It's all you need on the subject."
--John Matlock, Books-On-Line, May 2005

"Overall, a good treatment of an important technology in today's internet environment, and a book that will be useful as you start to add syndication into your applications."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff,, May 2005

"Publishing on the Internet is evolving. I picked this book up to learn the tools and practices necessary to develop content feeds for websites. RSS and Atom are the foundation of this technology... Overall, I liked this book. This book is targeted to developers, and it provided me with the information that I was looking for to add content syndication to my web applications."
--Blair Kennedy,, May 2005