Media praise for Don't Click on the Blue E!

"Don't Click on the Blue E is O'Reilly's latest entry into the market. It is targeted at the absolute beginner. I found it to have the usual O'Reilly quality: well-written, well-edited and well-designed."
--Tony Williams "Honestpuck,", July 2005

"This book is designed for the person who wants to make the switch or wants to try out Firefox. Firefox can run alongside with Internet Explorer so you can learn how to use it while still having the ability to use Internet Explorer's update service and similar Microsoft only items. The authors do a good job of explaining how to setup Firefox, how to use it effectively and even how to tweak it with extensions so it works the way you want it to work. Don't Click on the Blue e! is highly recommended and an excellent resource for people looking to improve their browsing experience."
--Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review, July 2005

"...this is a good book that will appeal [to Mac users] in a rather unexpected way... The first chapter is one of the best, and indeed one of the most fascinating tech essays I’ve read in quite a while. ...Granneman has done a very good job though, and this is certainly a book that can easily be recommended for any Mac user planning on making the switch from Safari to Firefox."
--Dr. Neale Monks,, May 2005

"Since I've already read and reviewed a couple of books on the Firefox browser, I didn't expect much new material in the latest title to hit the shelves... But to my pleasant surprise, this actually was better than I initially thought... Even if you've already picked up a Firefox book, you might want to consider getting this one also. It's a fun read that will definitely add to your Firefox knowledge and experience..."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, May 2005

"In this very entertaining and informative book, Scott Granneman tells us we don't need spyware-crackers, Service Pack 2 and an upgrade to Windows XP. To have a safe Internet experience, we need only one tip: Don't Click on the Blue E!...If you've just had it with the endless problems of IE, there's no reason to continue. And if you haven't yet decided, I strongly recommend Scott Granneman's book. With any of the alternate browsers he describes, you'll have a much easier time on the Web."
Dr.Pat, Blogcritics, May 2005

"This book talks about why switching to Firefox is a good idea and also discusses in detail its many features. It's also an enjoyable and fast read...I'm glad a book like this is available for those of us choosing to join the trend towards Firefox. And with Microsoft reportedly planning to charge users for the next version of IE, I suspect more and more people will be using Firefox in the future."
--Todd Hawley,, May 2005

"This how-to guide is a virtual necessity for all those who want to switch to Firefox. Appendix B contains all the information and instructions necessary for configuring Firefox settings and options; it covers migrating all your favorites, settings, and customizations from your current browser. The book can also serve as an excellent reference to Firefox features during your everyday browsing."
--Ed Laskowski, The Vista PC Journal, June 2005

"I recently installed Firefox on my PC and regretted not having made the switch from Internet Explorer sooner. This book is an excellent 'user's manual,' detailing the various features of this browser. And it's one manual that's easy to follow and discover why the author feels strongly about Firefox...If you have "made the switch" to Firefox or are thinking about it, this is a great book to buy."
--Todd Hawley, Barnes &, May 2005