Media praise for Digital Video Hacks

"Digital Video Hacks is a wonderful compilation of clever ways for videographers on a budget to improvise all sorts of devices and shots...It is the amateur's how-to book par excellence. If you've shot some video and are hooked, you need this book in your bag of tricks. Highly recommended."
-- Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Web Marketing Today

"Digital Video Hacks includes 100 hacks that will help you to get the most out of your digital video camera and your video editing endeavors. There are quite a few useful tips in this book, including a section on keeping your project organized that is worthy of note. Despite a few sentence fragments sprinkled here and there, the tips are very useful. This book is a good reference tool to have in your library. It is like having a collection of quick tips at your fingertips, all in a central location."

John Virata
Creative Mac

"Color photographs and screenshots, combined with Paul's clear writing style, make this book a pleasure to read and reference. Serious beginners will learn a lot from Digital Video Hacks, but we think that more experienced videographers will benefit the most from this excellent book."

Theano Nikitas
Camcorder & Computer Video