Media praise for Assembling Panoramic Photos: A Designer's Notebook

"This book gives eight French photographers the chance to tell us how they do it. The presentations are quite detailed, cover a variety of approaches and are very well illustrated.
O’Reilly presently has four titles in the A Designer’s Notebook series. They follow the same format, being anthologies of several artists’ work. This approach allows the best work of each to be presented, which generally results in the series having excellent content overall. They are also attractively priced. Highly recommended."
David Tanaka

The O'Reilly Media offering is a collection of the panoramic images of eight French artists, and the details of how they did each one. This is a very good new book on how-to make these great pan images, whether they are simple or very complex.

Paul Faust
Apogee Photo Magazine

"This book displays the artistry that is possible in the realm of panoramic photography. It is actually a collection of eight lessons by leading French artists. Until I read this book, I thought of Panoramic photos as nothing more than a sequence of photos stitched together to make a much wider photo. Excusez-moi! J’ai ete confondu... The photos are beautiful and the lessons show how to take panoramas to a new level of artistry and creativity."
--Victoria Maciulski, CVMUG, July 2005

"Are they authors, artists or professional photographers? Assembling Panoramic Photos: A Designer’s Notebook leans heavily to the artistic notion. Those listed above as 'authors' have been kind enough to provide their notes, equipment lists, and techniques in a way-too-thin, super-glossy, way-cool 'Notebook.' Watch how each photo-artist steps through stages as we are shown how they produce marvelous eye-candy. Encore! Encore!"
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, July 2005

"If you want to see real state-of-the-art panoramic work, you'll like Assembling Panoramic Photos - A Designer's Notebook published by O'Reilly... These photographers are professionals, and the results they produce are professional.  They understand the tools of their trade very well, and it's that knowledge that allows them to get these types of results.  So don't feel bad if the book is a little beyond you when you first start reading.  But if you're willing to work at it and try out some of the techniques shown here, you'll soon be showing off some interesting results."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings, June 2005

"If you have ever wanted to try your hand at creating panoramic photographs but just didn't know where to start or have had a hard time getting it right then this book is for you. It details the process from how to compose and shoot the pictures, digitize them, assemble, and retouching them to create your final composition... Written by nine leading French artists, Assembling Panoramic Photos is excellently done, lavishly illustrated and details the various techniques used to achieve masterful results."
--Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review, July 2005

"The descriptions and instruction come from the artists' perspective. While it does have a 'how to' feel, in my opinion, the value is in the artistic ideas and the information about how to get the shots to make a compelling panorama... this book will take you beyond simple panoramas to artistic, visually unique panoramas."
--Eric Wuehler, review, June 2005