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Media praise for Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0

"Bill's a good writer. Understanding EJB 3.0 is very important to the majority of developers who use Java EE on a daily basis and plan to migrate to Java EE 5.0. For those folks, I give this book the highest recommendation. Great job, Bill!"
-- Richard Monson-Haefel, Sr., I, Analyst

"While EJB 3.0 makes application development much simpler, it's still a complex technology which requires a significant amount of time to learn and master it. If you have the time and the interest to learn this technology, this book is for you. All in all, this is a very helpful and useful publication from O'Reilly. I believe the authors were successful in achieving what they set out to do, provide you with the foundation needed to jump start your EJB 3.0 development. The JBoss workbook should provide you with all the required knowledge to use this technology with greater confidence. Last but not the least, this book is a good addition to the library of any J2EE developer."
-- Meera Subbarao, JavaLobby

"Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 by Bill Burke is a wonderful book that will help all Java developers in their continued development and learning. Packed to the brim with over 700 pages of material, this is a bona fide smash hit!!!"
-- Daniel J. McKinnon,

"Authors Bill Burke and Richard Monson-Haefel, have done an outstanding job of writing a 5th edition of a book that provides a straight forward, no-nonsense explanation of the underlying technology, Java classes and interfaces, the component model, and the runtime behavior of EJB."
-- John Vacca, Independent Tech Reviewer,

"a wonderful book that will help all Java developers in their continued development and learning."
--Daniel J. McKinnon,