Media praise for Twisted Network Programming Essentials

"Abe Fettig's Twisted: Network Programming Essentials provides insights on the open source network application framework written in Python...Review the program's strengths with this bible of advice in hand."
-- Diane Donovan, Library Bookwatch

"Instead of trying to cover the entire scope and breadth of Twisted, Fettig goes with a much more "recipe" like approach to learning Twisted. Each chapter covers a different part of the Twisted framework, with specific examples of how you can use it to address a particular server issue....Fettig does a great job of cutting through a lot of the difficult areas of Twisted, and present us with good examples to give us a jump start on the steep Twisted learning curve."
-- Chris McAvoy, Chicago Python User Group

"Review [Twisted's] strengths with this bible of advice in hand."
--Diane Donovan, Library Bookwatch