Media praise for 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide

"Gast's comprehensive coverage of the 802.11 standard is definitly worthy of the title 'definitive guide'. The reading is fairly fast paced and written in such a way that readers can skip to certain chapters and gain insight on the high level of the protocol with previous knowledge of the lower chapters...If you are curious about 802.11, or want a deeper understanding of the standard I can think of no other better place to start than with this book."
-- Duff, member of Network Information Management and Security Group,

"This book is loaded with networking insights, explanations, security considerations, operations, radio transmission considerations, addressing and definitions right down to network timing synchronization--all logically and clearly presented. For those interested in networking and how it really works in depth, this is the book."
--Les J. Kizer, Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group, July 2005

"While Mathew S. Gast currently works at Trapeze Networks, he also spent years digging ever deeper into the esoterica of Wireless networking across all platforms and has become a de facto expert on the topic. The 2nd Edition of the book was written three years after the first one came out and covers areas previously unknown or even perhaps unimagined in the area of wireless networking... If you want to drink deeply of the Wonderful World of Wireless Kool-aid, this book is not just a great book to start, but to end with. After all, it really is a 'Definitive Guide,' working with real-world scenarios."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, July 2005

"If you're in charge of laying out a wireless network (or you just have to have a book in hand), this has a lot of great information and I'd recommend it."
--Eric Weuhler, review, June 2005