Media praise for Knoppix Pocket Reference

"Despite being a trim 75 pages of text this is a tremendously useful book if you're just getting to know Knoppix. It starts with a discussion of all of the "cheat codes" -- startup the command line arguments that can be used to configure various system attributes and then moves on tools, how to install on a hard drive, security, using Knoppix to repair Linux and Windows systems, remastering Knoppix and finally a discussion of UnionFS. Recommendation: If you're looking for a nuts and bolts book on Knoppix that gets reasonably deep into the subject, this is it. "
-- Mark Gibbs, Network World

"O'Reilly's Knoppix: Pocket Reference brings the many options and tools that comes with Knoppix and puts it a small book. It's well-written, concise, and complete...This reference is essential for any beginners to Knoppix or for advanced users who are looking for the right set of options to get what they want out of the system. It's an invaluable desk-side companion."
-- John Bambenek,

"Every 'software mechanic' who attends Linux or Windows emergencies should have this invaluable reference with the Knoppix CD. Ordinary users who want to develop their understanding of Linux, and be able to deal with problems (Windows or Linux), should add the Pocket Reference to their respective libraries."
-- Major Keary, PC Update

"A short reference that does away with all the hand-holding detail, the Knoppix Pocket Reference is a great guide to how to do everything you want to do with Knoppix as well as resolve minor trouble issues...When you just need to know how to do something and don't want to drag out the six hundred page book to try to find it you will find the Knoppix Pocket Reference a great investment."
-- Harold McFarland, Harold's Bookshelf

"[Consumers] will find the fine 'pocket references' produced by O'Reilly to be compact and affordable."
-- James Cox, The Computer Shelf: Midwest Book Review

"This small, inexpensive book contains a wealth of information about practical console commands for use with Knoppix...It is a good hands-on introduction to the command line and an essential resource for anyone who uses Knoppix as a rescue/repair tool."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"If you're looking for a nuts and bolts book on Knoppix that gets reasonably deep into the subject, this is it."
--Mark Gibbs, Network World